You better watch your back, middle schoolers! Recent findings reveal that no one is exempted from the robot seizure of human employment. In a few years’ time, it will be harder for you to apply to retail jobs because machines will also invade fast food joints.

Impressive, Yet Disturbing

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is already a self-sufficient grillmaster that can flip and observe a whole grill filled with patties. What’s worse is that there is a new bot in town – and it is even more flexible! Burgerbot cooks patties, slices fresh toppings like onions, pickles and tomatoes, and even stacks all ingredients on a toasted bun.

Momentum Machines who designed and manufactured this autonomous wonder received around USD 18 million funds. Suffice to say, most companies understood the benefits this machine would bring to their fast food tables.

More Efficient than Humans

It can be quite a challenge to maintain a fully-staffed fast food joint and expensive to get more heads to help around. Besides, human employees can get injured on the job and insurance will just serve as another expense to the business. If that happens, they would have to find someone else to take his or her place that can cause a stir on the work schedule.

Meanwhile, robots can work all the time as long as the owners maintain it properly and allow it to function the way manufacturers designed it. This type of robot might cost about USD 30,000, but it will pay for itself in no time. You see, it can produce 400 burgers every hour and it doesn’t matter how difficult the customer’s orders are.

To brag their creation to the world, Momentum Machines will open their first restaurant in the Bay area near the Moscone Center. The only human element that this place needs is to handle a few measly tasks, like restocking ingredients, removing trash and conducting minor troubleshooting on the extremely efficient burgerbot.

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