The digital world has paved the way to an increasing number of business owners who choose to use visual analytics to their advantage. They have slowly accepted and realized the significance of heatmap services and session replay in this day and age.

They discovered that integrating the services into their website would boost its conversion rates. Those who desire to get astounding and thriving revenues from their sites should consider incorporating these effective and simple analytics tools on their toolbars.

Heatmaps display which parts of the website the visitors deem engaging and interesting. Meanwhile, session replays are video copies of users who interact with the website, thus, giving website owners the freedom to see everything that they do. Both tools merged will lead to a great visual analytics combo because they can provide owners a unique preview into their potential customers and visitors.

Here are some of the weaknesses that it could reveal regarding the website:

Ineffective Call to Action (CTA) Placement

Keep in mind that any minor repair to the placement of the CTA could lead to a massive boost in revenues. To be able to achieve this, anything displayed above the fold will display differently depending on the device.

Confusing Navigation Menu

With the use of the heatmap, website owners will be able to view the click through rate of the menu bar. If some of the unimportant pages have more clicks, then it’s probably better to hide or reorganize them in dropdown or submenus.

Both tools help owners identify the flaws in their website, so they will know what to address in the first place. They won’t only improve it, but they will also help the owners keep their visitors happy.

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