The Congress has been stressing the U.S. Air Force to prepare for a possible battle in space. This is why they had to develop a new career for a three-star general and come up with other organizational modifications just to prepare for what others view as a growing danger.

The Air Force had to come to this decision when lawmakers claimed that they are not yet ready for space combat, which is an expanse that China, Russia and U.S are currently militarizing. According to the Air Force leaders, the new general housing and restructuring will help space-related projects face budget dollars against nuclear forces, drones, earth-bound aircrafts and others.

The head of Air Force Space Command, Gen. Jay Raymond says that the new general will have to concentrate on making sure that they equip, organize and train their forces to overcome issues that this territory will have to deal with. He or she will function as the space advisor on staff with the Air Force chief of staff and secretary.

Three-star generals have already instructed the leaders about the nuclear weapons, logistics, studies, communications, plans, intelligence, requirements and personnel. Meanwhile, staff three-stars will assist the four-star generals who manage crucial commands around the globe, such as a liaison. The last time the Air Force employed an Air Staff general was in 2008. He or she was in charge of supervising nuclear weapons after a sequence of distressing instances.


On the other hand, the chairman of the House Armed Services Strategic Forces subcommittee named Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala. says that he visualizes a detached Space Force inside the Department of Defense, similar as how the Air Force functions. This has to be distinct from the Army, so they can prioritize it and it can turn into a world-class military service.

Other than the new job of the general, the Air Force revealed a course of other advancements that they plan to make in space. They add that they are developing a “space warfighting construct.” They are even collaborating with the National Reconnaissance Office to create CONOPS, which outlines how they could use a system during a battle in the warfighting domain in space.

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