Gloria Copeland is an evangelist based in Texas county. The 75-year-old woman is a co-founder at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. She is associated with Donald Trump as she is part of Trump’s faith advisory council. A controversial video came into the limelight that painted Copeland in bad light. Gloria told her followers not to get a flu shot as Jesus had already given them a flu shot. She argued that there would be seasons of ducks and deers but not for flu. She asked her followers to declare that the flu will not affect them and to bind it with the name of Jesus.

The video she posted on social media triggered numerous reactions with many being displeased by her remarks. Some people concurred with her sentiments. On Wednesday morning, the video had over 8,000 reactions and approximately 4,000 shares on the Facebook platform.

Flu Outbreak

Following the recent flu outbreak that started in October, around 14,676 cases have been reported. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported 53 fatalities, mainly children.

With the flu being so bad and unlikely to end soon, people have been advised to get vaccinated against the influenza. Copeland’s video comes across as reckless amidst a dire situation that requires immediate action.

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