An independent counsel, Ken Starr, appeared with some disturbing news to Trump’s supporters. In his statement, Ken Starr pointed out that if it turns out that President Trump actually lied about trying to fire Robert Mueller, that alone is enough a ground to set the president up for impeachment.

Talking to ABC, Ken made it clear that “lying to American people is a serious crime to be explored. I take lying to the American people very, very seriously, so absolutely.”

Mueller is a special counsel who was appointed to head the commission investigating if the Russians were involved with rigging the 2016’s presidential elections that saw to it that Trump ascends to power.

There have been numerous instances where the president is thought to be involved with obstruction of justice, and if it’s found out that he actually lied about trying to fire Mueller, Ken Starr makes it known that that alone would be enough reason to get the president impeached.

Almost all news outlets in America including the New York Times reported about Trump ordering Donald McGahn, a white house counsel, to fire Mueller. An order McGahn was quick to rebel against, making it known that he would rather resign than go through with the order.

Trump was quick to publicly dismiss the report, terming them as “fake news,” a statement that has been backed up by almost all of the White House officials.

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