Latest innovations in medicine suggest the possibility of tracking blood glucose levels using tears. Contact lenses can be fitted with clear miniature tracking devices to examine glucose levels in tears closely. Smart contacts have been tried on animals and proven to work efficiently. The contacts are not yet operational in human, but research shows they could give people with diabetics an easier time in glucose management.

Jihun Park and his team of researchers developed soft and transparent electronic components. The South Korean team from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology has made it more comfortable to wear sensor contacts than their counterparts did four years ago. What happened is that Google spinoff Verily Life Sciences used opaque components in hard contacts hence making users very uncomfortable.

The contacts contain a rectifier and an antenna that produce radiofrequency signals. Power from the radiofrequency signals charges LED light diode and a glucose sensor. The light shines green when glucose levels are normal. When tear glucose levels are high, the green light is not emmited. The most impressive feature of these contact lenses is that they do not obscure a diabetic patient’s vision but offer a painless tracking option of glucose levels. The patient can therefore administer insulin or take medication in good time to manage blood glucose levels.

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