Based on a current research using in-depth keyword research, here are the top 14 Exercise Activities in the United States.

Yoga is by a wide margin the most prevalent movement in the  United States. Running is the second most prevalent action with 289,190 related catchphrases seeks for every month. You’ll locate the most sprinters in California.

238,870 was the aggregate number of related catchphrase scans for climbing or hiking which is famous in Colorado, California, and Texas. CrossFit had 138,290 related catchphrase scans for fourth place. Swimming had 117,390 related keyword seeks with the most noteworthy per capita rate in the province of New Jersey.

Kayaking had 93,500 related keyword searches and is most prominent in Florida. Gymnastic rules in Texas and 57,810 related keyword searchers were logged for general cardio exercises.

Ninth place is bodybuilding with 47,790 related keyword searches. Weightlifting takes after not far behind with 45,590 related watchword looks. Aerobics logged 44,670 related searches every month.

(MMA) had 38,670 searches while martial arts is trailing it on the 13th spot. At long last, 4,970 looks were found for running to round out the best 14 exercises.

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