You can’t really ignore that American Food Culture has always been utilitarian, but at the same time, quite ignorant. For instance, you can spend your hard earned cash on a small serving of a delicious meal in France. However, nobody does this in America even though the citizens want as much food for their cash as possible.

Everything is extremely practical that it most likely began in the World War II, the Depression or from the Pilgrim roots. Nowadays, food is bountiful, but the utilitarian food culture is a great disadvantage. Nutritional science is still trapped in the old days where they hardly had enough to eat. Vitamins was crucial for those who wanted to be healthy, but normal people now eat a lot that they don’t really care about the amount of vitamins they consume as long as they are not pregnant, vegan, alcoholic or are elderly.

Every one is so caught up in searching for nutritional density or getting the most amount of vitamins for every calorie. You see, everything that is readily available is deceptively unhealthy. You will be surprised to find out that you consumed a whole lot of supposedly healthy meal that is actually rather bad for you.

Let’s take your ancestors for example. They rarely ever consumed sugar and the majority of them didn’t have a consistent source of carbohydrates for many years. The truth is, sugar wasn’t really bad for them. Humans in the modern age just don’t know how to control the huge amounts that they eat today. They never really had a lot of evolutionary exposure to bountiful food, which led to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes that are simply an evolutionary gap.

The food culture in this day and age is simply just ignorant. Time and time again, humanity has and will continually come up with irrational nutritional claims that were once deemed unhealthy, but turned out to be a miracle food.

Which of these claims should you even believe? It’s probably best to just stick with the natural version of your favorite meals, instead of settling with its unhealthy alternative.

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