The Senate Intelligence Chief warns France that Russia is actively interfering with the election process, just like what they did in the presidential campaign in the U.S. in the past year.

According to Senator Burr, Moscow has displayed a clear motive and capacity to disturb elections in Western democracies. He’s one of the few who has entry to some of the most highly confidential US intelligence. He added that they are already in the midst of the 30 days of the first French election with four candidates that will eventually cut down to only two contenders on May. He even proclaims that it’s already safe to assume that the Russians are already entangled in the French election.

Burr controlled the Senate investigation into the Russian interference during the 2016 US presidential campaign, which they allegedly believe was led by President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The senator says that Russia has the capacity to disrupt the balance in the European elections that would incline the result towards their favored candidate.

As a result, the US intelligence felt like it’s their duty to inform the rest of the globe on the situation because it’s already causing character assassination of the candidates. This notification arrived a few days after Marine Le Pen, one of the presidential candidates, met with Putin when she went to Moscow. She basically wanted to improve her financial standing by meeting the world leaders. She says Putin represents a new vision of the globe and they talked about the different ways to overcome fundamentalism.

It might be just coincidence, but a month before, her main competition Emmanuel Macron blamed Russia of trying to ruin his campaign by disseminating fake news through the state media. In a recent transcript issued by Kremlin, Putin says that they don’t want to sway current events, but they do know that they have the right to connect with every representative of all political forces of the country.

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