It seems that Sony has been hiding a huge secret from the technological world since 2013. Sources reveal that they already own a patent for contact lenses that can record videos using only the power of blink.

The Impressive Creative Process

Sony reveals that they mainly intend to enhance contact accuracy when they invented the innovative contact lenses. However, their recording feature does open a lot of opportunities in the industry.

Seven inventors from Japan developed the design that contains a storage unit, a wireless processing unit and a camera. Samsung also revealed their plans for a smart contact lens that houses a small camera, but Sony stands out because the users can save photos for later viewing.

The Eye-Opening Invention

Sony wants to boost the users’ vision through a completely new angle. Users will have the freedom to switch the recording option on and off with only just a blink of their eye. Moreover, their device can determine whether the blink was intentional or not. They explain that the common time frame for blinking is around 0.2 to 0.4 seconds, so if the blinking lasts for more than 0.5 seconds, then the application can assume that the user is consciously blinking.

This new technology isn’t like glasses or other types of contacts that form an augmented reality or connect the user online, since it’s just a collection of contacts with the ability to record videos. The lens would hold the data storage and image capture technology, while piezoelectric sensors can notify the eye movements to charge the device’s battery. In the nick of time, you’ll get to enjoy recording your fast-paced travel adventures without the hassles of handheld technology.

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