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In American professional sports, the Green Bay Packers is the only franchise that is community-owned. About 360,584 stockholders managed them in 2014 instead of being the property of a corporate entity, partnership or individual. They don’t allow anyone to cover over 200,000 shares, which is nearly four percent of the 5,011,557 shares that is presently outstanding.

Its non-profit arrangement and broad-based community support held the team in Green Bay for about a hundred years despite being the smallest market in all of the professional sports of North America.

As per the 2010 census, Green Bay city only had a population of 104,057 with only 600,000 in their television market, which is considerably less than the regular figures of the NFL. Nevertheless, the team has an extensive fan all through Wisconsin and in some areas of the Midwest. This is because they were able to play one pre-season and three regular season home games every year in Milwaukee until 1995.

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Over the course of the team’s history, they have gone through five stock sales just to finance their operations. In 1923, they were able to raise USD 5,000 through the thousand shares that were offered at USD 5 per piece. In recent years – more specifically from 2011 to 2012, they raised USD 64 million that they used for the USD 143 million expansion of the Lambeau Field.

Green Bay is the only team that has a different ownership arrangement in the NFL, which directly violates the recent league guidelines. This is because they require 32 owners max for every team, with one carrying at least 30 percent stake.

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