The United Arab Emirates has, over the years, been known to produce the highest amount of oil. However, the region is working hard to shift from the use of fossil fuel to the use of renewable energy. The shift is not only super expensive but ambitious. UAE was an active contributor to environmental pollution, but now, strategies are in place to reduce dependence on fossil fuel to 25 percent by the year 2050. This will make it have the lowest carbon footprint globally.

Diamond Developers, a company in the UAE, is building a city outside central Dubai. It is called the Sustainable City and is worth 354 million dollars. The project stationed 18 miles from Dubai city, began in 2013 and is expected to be completed in the year 2019. All rooftops are fitted with solar panels to harness solar energy. 250 charging stations for the electric vehicles have replaced gas stations.

The transport authority of Dubai approved the operation of driverless cars in Sustainable City. Residents get free electric golf carts. Additionally, the government offers subsidies for a new electronic vehicle purchased. Transport is free of charge on electric buses.

Progress of the Project

The Sustainable City is still under construction with one phase to go. Phase one is complete with five hundred villas, eleven greenhouses, 89 apartment buildings, urban farms, office and retail space. The Khaleej Times reports that the city has two human-made lakes with recycled water.

Phase two is expected to include a mall, country club, a mosque, community pools, school, fitness centers, a science museum and an equestrian center having 32 horse stables.

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