The U.S is a multicultural region with a myriad of cuisines. Google search provides a vital dataset that shows restaurant visits on various parts of the region. Data is derived on Google through captured restaurant check-ins. The visits are influenced by an individual cuisine famous in that particular region.

A recent study sought to establish how often restaurants were visited depending on the menu being served. Some of the food items studied included: sandwiches, pizza, coffee, burgers, Chinese food, seafood and Mexican food such as tacos. Results of the study showed that the following cities were famous for specific cuisines:

Pizza is most famous in the cities of Detroit and Boston respectively. Surprisingly, restaurants recorded a drastic drop in pizza clients at the Kentucky border.

Mexican cuisine thrives in San Antonio and Dallas in that order. New York and San Francisco lead in Chinese food. Barbeque is loved most by residents of Memphis and Nashville. Washington DC and Minneapolis rank top in burgers. Sandwiches are a hit in the cities of Orlando and Tampa. Seafood is a leading cuisine in New Orleans and Miami, Florida. Coffee guzzlers are found mainly in Seattle city and Portland.

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