The transition of gaming in coin-operated machines to the comfort of a living room attracted the influx of gaming companies. Video game companies such as Sega, Nintendo, and Atari have been competing to acquire the most significant market share in selling video consoles. Sega is a popular Japanese based video game company. Over the years, Sega has been struggling to unseat the famous Nintendo in the sale of video game consoles. Sega is known for Master System and Genesis technologies. Even with the introduction of Sony PlayStation 2 in the market, Sega is selling more in Brazil than in other markets. According to a compilation by UOL Games, Sega sold five million worth of consoles in Brazil for Master System technology. Surprisingly, Sega’s newest technology, Genesis, has only sold consoles worth three million in the U.S.

The Master System is 30 years old but very popular among Brazilian users. Approximately 150,000 units are bought per year. The sales of Sega’s Master System consoles beat modern versions like Sony PlayStation 4. The Brazilian market is critical to the gaming industry as it is the fourth largest consumer in the world. Sega’s success can be attributed to historical accident, shrewd marketing and scrapping of global taste differences.

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