Immigrant Labor
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A lot of people want to be a part of the American dream, which is why most choose to migrate to the country. They will have different reasons, ranging from a safer environment, higher wages and better employment opportunities than what they currently have. This is why the number of immigrant workers has increased modestly during the past few years.

The Modest Figures

During the span of 2011 until 2015, the number of non-American employees grew from 16.7 percent to 17.3 percent. Although, this percentage differ greatly depending on the state and which country these immigrants came from. California, in particular, received a 34 percent increase in immigrant workers, while West Virginia gained a 2 percent increase.

Despite their aim to earn higher in a first world country, they will receive less than what they would normally get based on AEOSR (age, education, occupation, sex and race) average wage. Educated immigrants will receive great wage discounts, but this will abruptly disappear after a few years since they will then have demonstrated their US work experience.

Immigrant Labor
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The Characteristics of Immigrant Workers

Based on the analysis gathered from the US Census data, most immigrants are young – with an average age of 32 years old in comparison to the average age of 42 years old for American workers. Research reveals that these new immigrants make up for a high number of those who did not go to high school, but also those who have college degrees or higher titles.

Among these, the ones who have degrees and beyond is actually a change in trend. Despite possibly receiving lower wages than their titles should receive, this didn’t seem to faze them knowing that years of experience will get them to what they initially aim for.

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