According to World Health Organization, China tops the list for deadly outdoor air pollution and reveals that over one million people have died because of it. This is why architect Stefano Boeri, known for his plant-covered skyscrapers, developed a drastic strategy to save China through ‘forest cities’.

The Envisioned Future

According to Boeri, he sees urban China of the future being surrounded by plenty of green. He imagines hotels, homes and office blocks embellished with an abundance of plant life and shrubbery. He is starting this project in the eastern city of Nanjing, which will be his first ever in Asia.

The renowned green architect plans two neighboring towers covered with over 2,500 gushing shrubs and 23 species of trees. Reports reveal that these structures, which are currently under construction, will accommodate a green architecture school, a museum, a 247 room luxury hotel and offices.

The Impact of the Vertical Forest

However, Boeri doesn’t want to stop there – he wants to develop the whole country into ‘forest cities’ to help reduce smog and environmental degradation. He says that they were requested to plan an entire city with over 200 buildings of various sizes that must have facades enclosed with plants and trees. He shares that the team is presently in the process of designing all the various buildings and will begin to construct at the end of the year.

By 2020, China will have its first forest city that will absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and suck the dust generated by urban traffic.

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