As it stands, city cyclists are more likely to get into an accident than rural ones. Statistics backed up this notion by revealing that over 5,000 accidents occur each year because of cars who pass cyclists at a dangerous distance – and this should be avoidable.

Luckily, these cyclists will be in a much safer zone with the new open-source project called Bikesphere by Michelin. It has sensors that detect proximity and light. These technology both work to observe the setting around the cyclist and respond appropriately if a vehicle gets near it by directing a double laser spotlight on the road to emphasize the safety area. With this technology, there won’t be any cyclists in danger whenever a car passes them.

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During the day, Bikesphere functions like a typical bike lamp that detects light. It will switch on when you pass through dark roads. As the sun sets, it will be ready to protect you by launching a single-lined sphere throughout your ride. As soon as it senses that a vehicle is near, the light will transform into a double line and it will begin to spin quicker to notify both the driver and cyclist.

Bikesphere is the primary crowd-source proposition that has turned into a reality because of the #TrendyDrivers movement by Michelin. Once an idea receives the approval, they finance the project to give it a head start. Eventually, they will spread Bikesphere to the public, so cyclists who intend to buy common components will be able to copy the procedures and print with typical 3D printers.

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