Thousands of youths in Russia took it to the streets to voice their frustrations over what they term as Vladimir Putin’s plan to bangle the forthcoming presidential election. This comes after the opposition leader Alexei Navalny was allegedly barred from running in the presidential race.

Navalny is widely favored in Russia for being vocal against corruption, a common example being that one hour clip he posted on YouTube unearthing deep evidence blowing the lead on the whereabouts of the prime minister’s source of wealth and which apparently links him to a long chain of corruption scandals.

The protest saw to it that an estimated 60, 000 youths took it to the streets, holding their demos in an upward of 80 cities. In light of which more than 1000 protesters were arrested, including Navalny himself and those allied to him. He would shortly after be arraigned in court, where he was fined 20, 000 roubles and sentenced to a 15 day jail term.

Key among the issues raised by the protesters was the issue of fair election, which isn’t exactly new as almost whole of Putin’s presidential tenure was marred with demos demanding for the president to come up with preemptive plans and strategies that would guarantee a free and fair election.

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