In Dongguan City, Changying Precision Technology Company decided to construct an unmanned factory mostly operated by robots. Since then, the production rose by 250 percent and the defects dropped by 80 percent.

The Employment of the Future

The technology company has set up machine-controlled production lines that utilize robotic arms to create parts for mobile phones. They also have autonomous transport trucks, automated machining equipment and other electronic mechanisms. Although, they still do have three humans in the factory to observe and check every production line and others who oversee the computer control system.

Formerly, there were about 650 workers, but now that robots have taken over, there are only 60. According to the general manager named Luo Weiqiang, they might only need 20 employees in the future.

The Impressive, but Alarming Impact

The robots have generated three times as many parts than before and the production grew from 8,000 pieces to 21,000. Before the robots took over, the rate of their product defects were 25 percent, but it now dropped to a remarkable five percent.

The transition to automation has always been considered by many industries as soon as they realized the potential of technology. Other companies, including Adidas, have already shifted towards an automated system. Based on a study done by Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey and Associate Professor Michael Osborne from the University of Oxford, there is a 90 percent chance that robots will displace the jobs of humanity someday.

Humanity always had this fear that robots might take over someday and they will lose their jobs. Looks like their greatest fear is happening right at this moment. The new age of automation will most likely increase the rate of unemployment in the future despite the many advantages it brings.

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