The Super Bowl is one of the most famous sports in the United States of America. The National Football League organizes the Super Bowl. States spend immensely towards the success of the game. Some of the cities that have hosted the game include:

  1. The State of Minnesota

The U.S Bank stadium based in Minneapolis will host the super bowl in 4th February. Despite paying taxes of amounts 500 million dollars, Minnesota residents will hardly get any benefits. This is as a result of demands placed by the National Football Leagues (NFL). Stadium costs are set to consume an average of 678 million dollars from the State of Minnesota. These are expected to come from tax collection in the next 30 years to come.


  1. The state of Arizona

In the year 2008, Glendale City financed the construction of the University of Phoenix Stadium. 308 million dollars were used for the project. Then in 2015, the city spent over 1.25 million dollars on transportation costs and ensuring public safety.


  1. The State of Indiana

Indianapolis disbursed 619.6 million to foresee the building of Lucas Oil Stadium. It hosted the game in the year 2012.


  1. The State of California

The city of Santa Clara is home to the Levi Stadium that hosted Super Bowl L in 2016. The Levi stadium consumed 114 million for its construction. An additional 933 million dollars was squeezed from the Stadium Authority to host Super Bowl 50.


  1. The State of Florida

Taxpayers in the city of Tampa Bay shouldered the cost of 194 million dollars in 1998. This funding was to ensure the completion of Buccaneers’ home stadium.

Victor Matheson, a business professor at Holy Cross University, highlights the impact of the excessive Super Bowl expenditure on the tourism sector. He claims the events discourage the influx of visitors to the cities.

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