The end of June marks a whole new upgrade for the bar industry with the opening of Tipsy Robot. This new bar will grace the infamous Vegas strip and partygoers will be able to drown themselves in a range of cocktails that the bartending robots mixed. In fact, these so-called tipsy bartenders are just a couple of huge mechanical arms that will serve your alcoholic needs.

Cheers for an Efficient Innovation!

These robots will prepare your drinks by imitating arm gestures that the human bartenders typically make. Las Vegas Eater reported that the bar will offer special cocktails that were specifically made only for the Harmony of the Seas cruise liner by Royal Caribbean. Since 2014, said cruise also introduced their own robotic bar.

Their menu consists of classic drinks, including the “ultimate” cosmopolitan and Manhattan that guests can only order through the iPad. The advanced technology paved the way to more precise services. Not only that, these robot bartenders will be able to serve a couple of drinks every minute.

Bottoms Up, Every Night

Ideas regarding the bar started in January when Robotic Innovations, a Vegas-based company, trademarked the title Tipsy Robot and began branding it on their products.

If in case you feel threatened that these robots will take over all human employment or if you just want a more traditional bar experience, you need not worry. The bar clarified that a human bartender will accompany the mechanical one on the other side of the bar.

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