Decades ago, wireless power transfer was just a subject of sci-fi movies and books. With technological breakthroughs today, wireless power delivery can potentially power your mobile receivers seamlessly through the air.

The problem is, the current solutions can only reach near distances and cannot offer the geometric freedom to allow un-aided and automatic charging.

Fortunately, Disney Research in Pittsburgh was able to develop quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR). It has the ability to allow purpose-built structures, including warehouses, rooms and cabinets, to produce quasistatic magnetic fields that safely transfer kilowatts of power to electrical devices near the area.

The researchers derived a theoretical model of a quasistatic cavity, and validated the power transfer efficiency along with field distributions against measured outcomes. They demonstrated a 40 to 95 percent efficiency with their experiment that displays a 54 m3 QSCR room that could carry power to small coil receivers in almost any position. The team even shared a specific safety analysis that displays up to 1900 watts that can be transferred to a coil receiver allowing safe and widespread wireless power.

The Disney Research team made what once was a fictional dream into a wireless reality. In time, most of the gadgets available will be using this kind of technology.

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