Reports from the New York Times informed that special counsel, Robert Mueller was to be sacked by Donald McGahn, under the directive of President Donald Trump. Robert Mueller was investigating the alleged involvement of Russians with Trump’s aides to interfere with the 2016 elections. Mr. McGahn failed to carry out the directive and opted to resign instead. The attorney general, Rod Rosenstein hired Mueller. He assumed the responsibilities previously carried out by James Commey. Commey was an FBI director fired by President Donald Trump.

However, President Trump denies all these claims of wanting to fire Mr. Mueller. He is seconded by other White House officials and Senator Lindsay Graham, who highlights the dangers of firing Mueller to the Commander in Chief.

Ken Starr, an independent counsel, advises that Mueller should push an impeachment motion for Trump if he gets fired. To protect Mueller, Susan Collins informed the State of the Union of CNN, of the need to pass legislation to ensure he won’t get quickly released by the President. The suggestion was trashed promptly by Kevin McCarthy, a House Republican leader. McCarthy told CBC that the media is merely making hypotheticals.

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