A poll was conducted via telephone, among 806 American adults between January 28 to January 30, 2018.According to The Monmouth University Poll, a bipartisan agreement has been reached to have Donald Trump sit in an interview with Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the Russian probe. 58% of Americans believe the allegations against Trump are true with 27% believing the allegations are false. Trump is required to be interviewed under oath, about the alleged firing of Mueller. The poll conducted had respondents from all parties. The participants of the poll included 74% independents, 85% Democrats and 51% Republicans. Patrick Murray is the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, West Long branch, New Jersey. Murray said that Americans had different reasons for wanting Donald Trump in the interview.

Poll questions and results

Some of the key questions asked during the poll included those pertaining to actual attempt to fire Mueller and possible implications on the presidency of Donald Trump. Participants were asked whether or not they felt Trump obstructed justice by trying to fire Mueller. 41% felt he attempted to obstruct justice, 44% felt it was a less serious issue, 2% felt Trump was innocent of the allegations and 12% said they didn’t know.

In response to the question, “Would you support or oppose requiring the approval of a panel of federal judges before any special counsel could be fired by the president or attorney general?’, 62% said they support. 29 percent of Americans oppose while 9 percent don’t know.

The proposal to have the president’s power checked with regards to special counsels, is the cornerstone of two bills expected to be floored in Congress. The bills are pegged on the Russian Probe.

The poll results had a margin error of +/-3.5%. 82% of the respondents believe the interview should be done under oath.

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