Facebook aims to collect data that will speculate the class of the user with regards to educational level and property ownership.

Facebook filed a new patent in July 2016. It was published on 1st February. This Facebook patent uses emotion tracking to retrieve granular data from users Facebook patent uses different data sources like household ownership and education to determine socio-economic class. The Facebook patent has a decision tree that assigns values to show the probability of a user being either in the middle class or other socio-economic classes. Through examining of trends that will direct the course of technology in 2018, the patent focuses on increasing product awareness. Facebook plans to use new market trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), cross-border M&A, car subscriptions among others. The information derived from users is set to assist Facebook customize advertisements for charities and corporates.

The decision tree

The tree determines the age of the user. This is the most critical data as it forms a basis for the next set of data points. Elderly users are more likely to focus on home ownership and property acquisition as opposed to younger users. The tree examines the travel history, number of internet devices owned, internet usage and household date. The new system is focusing on integrating user needs with the relevant ads and content.

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