The majority of HR departments usually have trouble in getting insights regarding their marketing efforts. They might know the total number of people who applied for a job position, but they won’t really know how many get the job or get invited to the preliminary interview. Fortunately, Google Analytics, as well as, Google Spreadsheet can help you identify the figures that you need.

Step 1: Gather the Google Analytics Client ID

To be able to address the issue, you have to gather the Google Analytics client ID along with the job application. However, you will need the assistance of the developers in the job listing site. They will require you to get the client ID and forward it with the form. The most effortless way to do this is to add a hidden input field to the form and to automatically fill this with the client ID during the page load. Once this is enforced, the form will automatically input the Google Analytics ID to the sent information.

Step 2: Use the Client ID to Retrieve the Insights

Open an Excel file or a Google Spreadsheet and input the following data:

  • (1) Name
  • (2) Status, whether declined or invited
  • (3) Sent to Google Analytics, whether yes or no
  • (4) Google Analytics Client ID
  • (5) Google Analytics link

Filling up fields 1 to 4 is pretty easy, while field 5 is where the magic happens. You see, Google Analytics will give you the freedom to forward data to the platform through the links, which they officially refer to as the measurement protocol. If the links are generated in a smart way, you can attach the information forwarded using the said link to the campaign source of the app. Ensure that you only display the link once the “Status” value is invited and the “Sent to Google Analytics” value is a no.

As soon as you click the link given, it’ll forward an event notification to Google Analytics with the client ID. Google will then be able to identify the user and apply the identified source to the event that’s about to come in. To develop a simple report that showcases all the data required, just install a goal that can record the event.

The listed steps will basically let you identify whether the campaign sources are performing well. Ensure that you follow the manual actions to guarantee that the system is working.

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