Mother’s Day is commemorated with plenty of excitement in more than 46 countries across the world. Even though Mother’s Day celebrations usually happen at varied times around the globe, it is quite remarkable how the feelings of people who celebrate it are the same. This is because mothers, no matter where they come from, are naturally caring.

Families simply adore celebrating this holiday because it is a day to shower and spoil their mothers with love even more than a regular day. It is also a day to publicly recognize their positive contributions to the society as a whole. Anna Jarvis first established this holiday in the United States and officially celebrated it for the first time on May 10, 1908 at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, Grafton, West Virginia.

But, is there a shady side to this celebration?

The commercialization of Mother’s Day started very early. It only took nine years after the official celebration that it got so annoyingly widespread. That was the time when Anna herself turned into the primary opponent of what the celebration had become. She began investing all of her life, along with her inheritance, to fight the abuse of the holiday.

She was strongly against the habit of buying greeting cards, which she believed was/is a lazy practice instead of just writing a personal letter. In 1948, she publicly protested against the commercialization of the holiday, which led to her arrest for disturbing the peace. That was when she declared that she should not have started the holiday in the first place. With regret in her heart, she passed away that same year.

Nowadays, the occasion has turned into one of the most commercially successful American holidays. It generated a huge amount of earnings for American retailers, with greeting cards earning USD 68 million and pampering gifts receiving USD 1.53 billion in revenue.

Despite the negative aspect about the holiday, at least commercialization assured the continuity of the holiday compared to others that started at the same time – but have eventually been forgotten.

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