The way robots are taking over human activities is not only scary but also fascinating in some way. Over the years, robots are more functional in carrying out operations that were complex, and only humans could handle. Human beings have mixed feeling about these developments. Whereas it may seem hilarious to some individuals how machines can do human chores, other people find it horrific.

The Boston Dynamics robot is currently famed for its ability to open and hold a door who it’s sister robot. The SpotMini is a quadrupled robot released in November last year. In a video posted on Boston Dynamics YouTube Channel, SpotMini is seen to be locating a door, clamping on its handle before opening it wide for an armless robot to pass. The SpotMini walks like a dog and has a fancy arm with clamps. The robot can sense objects around it.

Previous robots that hit the internet a while ago include the Atlas robot. Boston Dynamics released Atlas robot in 2016. The Atlas robot successfully navigated through a push-bar door. Doctors Grant and Sattler observed that robots’ abilities had been greatly under-estimated.

SoftBank firm owns the Boston Dynamics robots. The firm acquired the enterprise from Alphabet after coughing a cool $100 million.

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