Based on records gathered, statistics analyzed, current living conditions and location, the average American can live to up to 78.7 years old. The place where they live, however, can also have an impact on their life span. For instance, people living in Hawaii (aged 81.3 years old) could live six years longer than those who live in Mississippi (aged 75 years old). This means that people who live in the Northeast and West live longer lives than those who live in the Midwest, and especially in the South.

Researchers did a comparison between life expectancy and adult obesity highlighting the strong connection between both. The result focused on the similar results between both aspects, indicating that people who live in West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama had a life expectancy rate of 74 to 76 years old and obesity rate of 35 to 40 percent. Meanwhile, residents of Utah, Massachusetts, Colorado and California could live to up to 80 to 82 years old and only have 20 to 25 percent obesity rate.

Basically, the 52 percent difference in life expectancy between states could be due to the obesity rate. This means that every three percent growth in obesity rate can cause a one year decline in life expectancy.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that this is the root of every drop in life expectancy levels. Other factors can impact both aspects, such as the availability of fruits and vegetables, improved health care funding and even exercise programs for kids in school. Obesity is just one factor that the country needs to focus on to change the life expectancy outcome.

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