The killer whales aren’t whales, but predator dolphins. They are the largest of the mammals within the dolphin family, registering the second largest brain of all marine mammals.

The name killer whales appears to have been started by Spaniards, most of whom have the tendency of referring to them as “whale killers.” But unlike whales, this specie of dolphins actually feeds on large marine animals including whales. They are also very social, despite spotting teeth.

What sets them apart from other dolphins is that this ones tend to be very strong. They are also super fast (covering 35 miles per hour), and have an echolocation that they use to hunt in total darkness.

Suffice it to say they’re one of the most intelligent sea hunters to ever exist. First, they operate as a team and unlike other sea predators, this ones plan and can improvise if a situation calls for it. They’re also known for offering practical hunting lessons to their young ones.

Killer whales have a higher metabolic rate, which gives them a higher appetite–and can feed up to 230 kgs of food per day. They prey on fish, seals, sharks and whales.

For sharks, all they do is flip them upside down to send them into a paralysis state or tonic immobility as it’s also referred. That makes them less lethal and easy to hunt down.

They hunt seals by knocking them off ice floes straight into the water, and team up with other whale killers to hunt down bigger preys such as whales.

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