The United States looks like it’s preparing to toughen inspection of the Chinese investment in the Silicon Valley to better protect delicate technologies that they deem as crucial to the security of the nation.

Among the worries highlight China’s interest regarding fields, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, which have progressively involved the Chinese capital in the past few years. The main concern is that China might use innovative technologies developed in the U.S. to strengthen their military abilities and to move their strategic industries forward.

The U.S. government now wants to reinforce the function of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). They are the interagency committee that evaluates foreign procurements of American companies on grounds of national security.

The No. 2 Republican in the Senate, Senator John Cornyn, is presently outlining a regulation that would offer CFIUS more control to intercept certain technologies. His aide also stated that AI is now one of the several cutting-edge technologies that China looks for and that it has possible military implications.

The legislation would need the CFIUS to increase analysis of buyers coming from countries known to cause possible dangers to national security. The interagency committee would preserve the list without detailing who would form it.

An expert on military technology at the Center for Security and International Studies named James Lewis revealed that the U.S. government is trying to play catch-up. He mentions that the Chinese have discovered an approach over the country’s safeguards and protections on technology transfer in foreign investment. Lewis even adds that the Chinese are using this advantage to pull ahead of Americans, in terms of both military and economic aspects – and this is why this is a huge deal.

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