Several surgeons from over a hundred hospitals in the US and Israel use an Israeli-made device called MarginProbe for breast cancer patients. The Dune Medical Devices from Israel has created a technology to help breast cancer patients bypass going through the feared follow-up surgery, which is a way to get rid of the remaining cancer cells after they’ve removed the tumors.

The Dreadful Process

When women go through lumpectomies to get rid of breast cancer, the surgeons usually send the cancerous tissue to the labs to make sure that the area surrounding the tumor doesn’t have cancerous cells anymore. This is how they ensure that the women really are cancer-free. Sadly, statistics reveal that one in four women had to retake the surgery since the surrounding tumor wasn’t still clear.

The Beneficial Development

The Israeli company has created the first device of its kind around the world. Surgeons in operating rooms can use it in real-time to determine the cancerous tissue, identify the area where they need to remove more tissue or examine its surrounding area.

Based on clinical trials, the device will lessen the necessity for re-surgery by around 51 percent if they used it in the primary procedure. Even the commercial use revealed an 80 percent decline in repeat surgery.

The Revolutionary Device

The technology includes a console and a handheld gadget, which is a single-use probe that resembles an ultrasound instrument or a large pen. As soon the surgeons have removed the tumor at the operating table, they will use the probe to examine the surroundings of the removed tissues. The sensors installed on the probe will notify the tissue and reveal whether it is positive of cancer cells or negative.

The cost for the device is still quite expensive now, but the compromise for the patient’s wellbeing is worth it.

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