Have you heard? The same providers that gave you your beloved internet connection now wants to sell your data and throw away any digital privacy that you have left.

A month ago, the Congress approved a bill to abolish the 2016 broadband privacy rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This gave the consumers the right to select how their providers used and shared their information, including application usage history, web history, Social Security numbers, health and financial data.

But with the passing of the bill, ISPs like Charter, AT&T and Comcast now have the freedom to sell your private data to the highest buyer without your consent.

Bid Your Digital Privacy Goodbye

Let us put ourselves in their shoes for a minute. These providers are stuck to just retrieving their earnings from internet, phone and home bundles. Meanwhile, their online counterparts, including Facebook and Google, have been dragging in a lot of ad revenue through data analytics.

What’s wrong about this is that you can easily turn off your search history or just switch search engines if you don’t want them to invade your privacy. However, you cannot easily change your service provider.

Background Checks to the Extreme

The entities, including insurance companies and employers, will take advantage of this bill for the sole purpose of judging you. These employers can use this power in their hiring process to see their prospects’ daily routines, the websites they frequent, their Netflix activities and their productivity rate. They know that your online activity speaks wonders about your personality.

Meanwhile, insurance companies can utilize the information when they’re trying to come up with individual life insurance policies. The social media updates can indicate whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, your usage history can determine whether you’re always in front of the computer and the websites you visit (like WebMD) show whether you’re always getting sick.

It seems that these providers have already been affected by the sense of entitlement and greed of huge corporations. They got tired of watching others profit of you by throwing your right to digital privacy in the process.

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