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Bill Gates just released a statement cautioning world leaders to be aware of the fact that bioterrorists are more dangerous than nuclear war. He wants to switch their focus on bioterrorism that could potentially kill more than a million of the population someday.

The Unrecognized Weapon

According to Gates, the continuous breakthroughs in genetic engineering have paved the way for small terrorism groups to use the biological viruses into an instrument of defense. He believes that a virus pandemic is one of the most lethal threats that the world could face, even though the government still ignores the intensity of the risk.

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The richest man in the globe shared that his charitable foundation is currently investing in a research to immediately recognize outbreaks and to accelerate the production of vaccine.

The Potential Death Toll

Bioterrorism will begin with a few patients, but it won’t stop there. He says that terrorists will use intentionally caused pandemics as a weapon. He admits that this ingenious tactic would work well because the population is naïve and they are not ready. Small groups with minimal skills and resources can achieve what once was the desire of some nation states. Even non-biology experts have the capacity to conjure a new type of flu just by combining its qualities.

Gates further states that the death toll could be greater than nuclear war or climate change. Fortunately, he says that the same biotechnology used for epidemics can be made into its own cure. He is urging world leaders along with their military to see the dangerous potential of this alarming weapon and to create a vaccine before it’s too late. Question is, will they really listen?

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