Whenever you’re watching football, you would always get so involved in the game that you don’t really notice the amount of actual ball in play time. This is the moment when someone kicks or snaps the ball until someone blows the whistle. But, have you ever wondered how long it is? To satisfy your curiosity, let us take a look at the recent Super Bowl LI.

Football is mixture of athleticism, action, strategy and suspense, which is why it’s no surprise that everyone gets so hyped up watching it. You probably didn’t even realize that the actual ball in play time was only 16 minutes and four seconds out of the 64 minute play clock that already includes OT. Throughout the four hour viewing party, commercials ate up an hour, five minutes and five seconds, while everything else consumed two hours, 28 minutes and 41 seconds.

Alford’s pick six was the longest play time, which lasted for 15 seconds. The number of plays were 178, including spikes, point-afters and kickoffs. Meanwhile, the average play was only 5.47 seconds long. Suffice to say, actual ball in play time doesn’t really matter as long as the audience watched with excitement throughout the game.

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