D&T Farm, a Japanese farm that utilizes what it calls the “freeze-thaw awakening method” to develop bananas that have a milder, edible peel is currently making a buzz.

This was the result of the work done as a hobby by Setzuko Tanaka. SoraNews24, a Japanese site that taste-tried the natural product, detailed that the skin was moderately thin contrasted than a standard banana and was in this way “genuinely simple to eat”.

The outcome is the organic product known as Mongee bananas, which generally deciphers as Incredible bananas. They went on special a year ago in a retail chain in Okayama, which sits generally somewhere between Kyoto and Hiroshima.

The people who tasted the banana said the substance had a solid tropical flavor and was nearly pineapple-like.

The banana has been created just in little bunches up until this point, so clients confront a precarious bill to spare themselves the trouble of peeling their bananas: it is as of now evaluated at 648 yen (£4.32) per piece.

The representative said the farm was intending to deliver more bananas this year. They are now concentrating on the Japanese market but is looking at a possibility of exporting the product in years to come.

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