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In America, a landlocked state is a state that is not surrounded by a bay, gulf or ocean. This means that these bodies of water do not touch the territorial boundaries of the 48 contiguous states on the mainland of North America. These landlocked states are subdivided into three types:

Singly Landlocked

There are 16 landlocked states, along with the District of Columbia that are considered as singly locked. These ones have ways to the nearest bay, gulf or ocean. For instance, you will go through this if you want to travel to one Canadian province or if you have to go through one other U.S. state to reach a gulf, bay or ocean.

Doubly Landlocked

On the other hand, 10 doubly landlocked states have paths near the aforementioned three bodies of water. You encounter these states if you have to travel through either a couple of U.S. states, or one Canadian province and one state just to reach those waters.

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Triply Landlocked

Meanwhile, triply landlocked states are the two U.S. states and one Canadian province, or the three U.S. states that you have to pass through just to get to the waters. Among the 50 states in America, Nebraska is the sole triply landlocked one.

To be able to reach a bay, gulf or ocean from this state, you have to go through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas to the Gulf of Mexico in the south; Manitoba, North Dakota and South Dakota to Hudson Bay in the north; or Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

Of course, you can’t forget about Hawaii that is totally insular, and the rest of the 23 states that are coastal.

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