A baby is a precious gift to a couple. The excitement during pregnancy cannot be quantified. Lately, parents are holding parties to celebrate the gender of the unborn child. The bash is often preceded by an ultrasound, where the gender is determined and the information given to a specific person. During the party, several tasking games are played. The games are, more or less, meant to excite the crowd and create a huge suspense before the ultimate revelation. Gender is revealed through cake, balloons, shoes or clothes, with pink color code being for girls and blue for boys.

Promoting Unity in the Society

Parents tend to have formed opinions about genders. A woman may feel more accomplished when she bears a boy-child than when she bears a girl-child. Other repeat parents may wish to have a gender balance. The society has changed drastically over the years. Transgender individuals exist and have been recognized by the state. A couple can get traumatized if they held a party, revealed they are expecting a girl, only for a transgender child to be born. Obviously, tongues will wag and the child may feel sidelined by the society.

Gender-reveal parties are now losing their relevance because previous societal expectations cannot be met. To unite the community, all members of the society have to be accepted, regardless of their gender disposition.

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