It’s not rocket science to figure out that French fries do not belong in the basic food groups. In fact, you are aware that it’s not good for your health. However, did you know that regularly consuming fried potatoes could increase your chances of dying early?

A genuine fact or a horrible prank?

Sure, April’s Fools might have ended months ago, but you’re still hoping this is a horrible prank, aren’t you? Unfortunately, this is a genuine fact backed up by doctors, researchers and faculty from St. Louis, Washington, U.K. and even Italy, to name a few.

But, how could this be?

The particular research published last June 7 on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined 4,400 people aged 45 to 79 and observed them for more than eight years. They monitored the consumption of French fries through a thorough questionnaire before dividing the participants on how regularly they ate fried potatoes. They discovered during their eight-year monitoring that 236 passed away.

The team learned that those who ate French fries two to three times every week or even more had greater chances of dying early. On the other hand, it’s wise to remember that unfried potatoes do not increase the risk of mortality. Potatoes are healthy, until you add fat and salt to it.

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