A globally recognized theoretical physicist and professor at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) exposed his theory on how the universe will end. He predicts that humanity will eventually be left alone in an “island universe” that the black holes will swallow up once the stars have burned up their fuel.

The Nature of Black Holes

Robert Dijkgraaf is not only a mathematical physicist, but he is also the Leon Lery Professor and director at the IAS. His research is substantially focused on how particle physics and mathematics intersect, and he has provided noteworthy contributions to the string theory study. He has also established formulas that have led to better understanding of the nature of black holes.

In fact, he believes that black holes hold the secret to the end of the world, or rather, the universe. He is certain that these black holes will consume everything in the universe.

The Island Universe

According to Dijkgraaf, the physicists recently learned that the universe is not only expanding, but it is also pushing the forces apart. These forces happen within the voids and they appear to be speeding up the expansion of the universe. Ultimately, their speeds will be faster than the speed of light that the galaxies in the distance will fade away, then the galaxies near the earth follows, until humanity ends up living in what Dijkgraaf refers to as the “island universe.”

Once the galaxy is the only one left in an empty universe, the stars will slowly dim one after another for they will burn their fuel. After all the fuel is burnt, gravity will be the only force left. It will then gradually pull them in and the black holes will consume everything that is left in the universe.

Dijkgraaf adds that the universe will be facing quite a desolate future. He assumes that this is why several physicists are doubtful about his theory even though their experiments back up his findings.

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