At the NBA All Star Technology Summit in New Orleans, Billionaire investor Mark Cuban had an interview with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson to which he offered a dreary declaration on the future of employment.

The Bold Proclamation

Cuban pointed out the fact that automation is causing a rapid evolution in the nature of jobs. Across a wide range of industries, he remarked that robots will take over the jobs of humans eventually. This is why people have to be aware on which career they should focus on.

The Future of Labor Market

In his version of the future of employment, he released the majors and skills that will dominate. He does clear up that grown-ups don’t need to study further education or job training for it won’t really matter. What he is trying to imply is that people need to think more freely to be able to survive future employment. He predicts that the demand for liberal arts majors will greatly increase in a decade.

Cuban says that finance, programming and engineering majors won’t really be a big hit in the future because data can provide you everything you need. Instead, someone with a liberal arts major will be able to look at the data in a different perspective.

Surprisingly, his proclamation supports the beliefs of high education and computer science experts. They all agree that people who have soft skills, such as communication and adaptability will have a major advantage in the automated future. The billionaire investor also added foreign language, philosophy and English majors that will still do well with future job changes.

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