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In spite of the unmanned security drones, increased arrests, relocation and antipoaching securities, it seems that nothing will stop these wildlife poachers. For instance, 428 rhinos were killed in South Africa and that was only in the first half of the year 2013.

The popularity of these rhino horns keep growing because traditional medicine in Asia is in demand. People believe that the products with rhino horns can successfully treat cancer. In fact, hospitals are even recommending these to families with critically ill patients. The sad fact about this is that other species are affected, too. For one, African forest elephants now have fewer than 10 percent in their population because of ivory poaching.

The Surprising Evolution of Elephants

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Fortunately, humans aren’t the only ones who are trying to battle these poachers – evolution is stepping in to save the day. Based on a remarkable study published recently in the African Journal of Ecology, elephants around the globe have started choosing against having tusks. For instance, the rate of female elephants that do not have tusks grew from only 10.5 percent to a whopping 38.2 percent in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

It looks like the tuskless feature runs in families and could have been the effect of tuskless females that have been freed by poachers. These tuskless moms persist in huge numbers, which is why they give birth to tuskless daughters.

The Evolution of the Rest of Nature

It’s not only the elephants that have developed survival traits because bighorn sheep is one of them. They are usually hunted because their headgears are impressive trophies. However, they have evolved greatly in the recent years when males stopped growing huge horns.

Evolution is even happening in the fish world because of human hunting. Fishermen usually try to hook the biggest fish, but those are generally in their reproductive prime. Big cods are now becoming more uncommon. This has led to these cods and other species to reach their sexual maturity early and at smaller sizes.

The countless efforts of humanity to thwart the distressing harm that their fellowmen is doing to the animals are failing. Lucky for them, evolution itself find a way to correct the inhumane act.

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