Electric Car Drivers
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Several U.S. States have proposed a legislation that would penalize drivers who choose to switch to electric vehicles. Since 2017 began, Montana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Kansas, South Carolina and Indiana now requires electric car owners to settle a fee of around USD 180 a year.

The Green Punishment

Unfortunately, other states have already punished green drivers in Michigan, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Washington, Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia, Colorado and Wyoming. They have all enforced a yearly fee ranging from USD 50 to USD 300 for hybrid and electric vehicles. The Department of Transportation of Arkansas and Arizona even wants electric vehicle owners to pay a fee.

Georgia who had the second most electric vehicle sales may have provided the car owners a tax credit of around USD 5,000, but they still had to pay a USD 200 yearly fee in return. This was the reason for the sudden drop in electric vehicle sales.

Electric Car Drivers
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The Main Supporters

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, it’s not a surprise that the attack is coming now. Reports even reveal that Koch Industries used up USD 10 million dollars just to stop the government from supporting electric vehicles and to enhance petroleum-fueled cars. The campaign started when they felt that electric vehicles are a huge threat on the coal and oil industry.

This is why the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), who is a right-wing state legislation machine financed by the Koch brothers and several other multinational corporations, proclaimed a resolution to restrain states from offering subsidies for electric vehicles at their States and Nation Policy Summit.

This is just one of the oil tycoons who are trying to dissuade the green movement. Nevertheless, a research conducted by the Grantham Institute for Imperial College London and the Carbon Tracker Initiative discovered that by 2035, electric vehicles will make up for around 35 percent of the road transport market.

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