Robots will take over most of the human trades eventually. When that time comes, Bill Gates believes that governments should also tax the companies that utilize them. He says that this will be a way to briefly delay the expansion of automation and to pay for other kinds of employment.

This is a somewhat surprising proposition from the techno-optimist, the globe’s richest man and the co-founder of Microsoft, which is one of the leading participants in AI technology. During an interview with Quartz, Gates says that this robot tax could fund jobs to take care of the elderly or to work with kids in schools. He says that these needs are usually unmet and these jobs are more suited for humans.

Gates explains that these governments should examine programs like this instead of depending on businesses. This way they could redirect the occupations to assist people who have lower incomes. His view is not completely theoretical for EU lawmakers already acknowledged a motion to tax robots. They wanted to fund the training for workers who lost their jobs, but the legislators rejected it in the end.

He argues that businesses and technology are rapidly replacing humans in an array of jobs. This is why it is important to know how to manage the displacement before humanity ends up with no jobs at all.

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