Digital Light company is working on a project to fit Maybach headlights with higher pixels. The plan is to have a combination of higher megapixels, car sensors and computerization to provide a better vision of the road while driving.
S-Class Maybach vehicles will have 2-megapixels in the headlights that will literary paint an image on the road. With sensors determining objects that are close-by, the vehicle’s lights can give a clear vision and rough estimates on measurements. The beauty of this new feature is that navigation would be more comfortable and more precise than before.

Upon illumination of the road, the Maybach can have symbols and markings on the way. The markings will include white lines, arrows, blind spot symbols, lane symbols, low surface grip symbols, speed and distance symbols. Other drivers would not be affected by the light. Additionally, a driver will be able to spot a pedestrian without harming them with the bright light. The Mercedes Maybach headlights will have a selective beam function to reduce the glare that would otherwise hurt vision of other road users. Moreover, Digital Light will keep track on both front and back windscreens and block the bright light. Th driver can still get a nice visual before looking at the mirrors.The intelligence of the new feature serves to promote road safety and smooth driving.

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