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During a conference attended by a local group of coal miners and cabinet members, President Trump signed and introduced an executive order that nulls the climate regulations declared by Obama during his time. The main goal of the President with this action is to multiply American wealth and generate more American jobs.

Trump announced the withdrawal of various Obama-era ecological regulations that could have harmed industries, like coal mining. He explains that too many regulations reduced the availability of coal industry jobs. Therefore, promising miners that he’d get their jobs back.

Then again, industry experts claim that coal jobs are highly unlikely to make a come back. They explain that the situation of the coal industry relies mostly on the altering energy markets and the increasing demand for natural else compared to anything else. The CEO of the county’s biggest privately held coal operation even agreed to the statements of these experts.

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The President also ignored the fact that there aren’t really a lot of coal jobs in the first place as to other industries. The coal-sector employment has different calculations, but the Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns program reveal that the 2014 employment rate in the coal industry was 76,572 people. The tally doesn’t only include miners, but also the sales staff, office workers and others employed at these coal mining companies.

Even though 76,000 jobs might sound like a huge number, you also have to acknowledge that other several other industries employ this number of people, too. For instance, the bowling sector hires around 69,088 people, while the skiing sector usually needs 75,036 workers. In fact, travel industries require 99,888 people, theme parks offer 144,000 jobs and carwash companies accept 150,000 workers – which are way more than the industry the President keeps on fighting for.

If the point of the executive order is to increase the number of jobs available in the country, then there are other industries that could have helped create more.

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