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In recent news, the Congress decided to rollback the privacy rules of the Federal Communications Commission, which means the carriers can sell everybody’s web browsing history– including yours – to law enforcement and marketing companies.


You see, these rules were meant to protect the customers from the service providers who use their browsing information for promotional purposes. And since they have abolished it, nothing can stop these carriers from using their valuable browsing data as a means to a financially advantageous end.

The Enraged Customers

This action sparked fire among web privacy advocates, along with a new batch of GoFundMe campaigns. As payback, the web-goers decided that it would be clever to purchase the web history of every politician instead, and then publish it for everyone to see. This includes everything from their infidelity, financial, pornographic and medical information.

Yahoo Finance

The campaigns basically ask supporters to help raise money in purchasing the histories of the people responsible for taking away their right to privacy for thousands of dollars from ISPs and telephones.

The Congress Fights Back

The revenge scheme may seem ingenious, but the Congress says this is not even possible. They clarified that even though the providers can sell the information, they cannot market individual web histories. It doesn’t really matter what the FCC proclaims because the suggested scheme is considered illegal as stated in The Telecommunications Act and the Wiretap Act.

What the privacy rollback does allow is the release of aggregate customer information. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t cause a problem because not everybody will be able to escape targeted ads. Aggregate data will be invasive, but it won’t sell individual web histories.

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