Some news sites just published a post stating that Tesla is worth more than the Ford Motor Company, which has received mixed feedback from the readers. However, it is best to mention that the market cap they used to measure was of the stock value instead of the fundamentals of the company. Nevertheless, that aspect for Tesla is also constantly increasing while it builds its solar panel factory in New York, Gigafactory 1 in Nevada and several other facilities.

In terms of delivery and manufacturing, Ford continues to be tremendously dominant when compared to Tesla. Nevertheless, the news is a breakthrough in a trend that has been advancing for years. Tesla has incessantly developed its capacity to generate, and even though they encounter irregular declines in their stock price, their stock has remained well advanced of the shockwave.

Before this astounding revelation, most would even argue that this company should not even exist in the first place. After 15 years of growth and defending themselves from critics, their market capitalization is already at USD 45 billion. What’s interesting about this company is they have expanded to more than just being a car company.

Tesla is developing its very own supply chain by increasing its range across their entire industrial division. They have entered energy management, energy storage and energy production industries that will boost the worth of their cars. They are also forming their own version of industrial science of the factor-as-product aspect by developing entire factories as if they are single products restricted only by the basic laws of physics.

Tesla has defied the odds humanity has bestowed upon them. It’s not a surprise if they become the globe’s primary manufacturer of transport and building technologies, related systems and clean energy infrastructure in the near future.

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