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NTechLab, a Russian firm, just revealed that they have created an emotion reading technology that can tell whether an individual in a group is nervous, angry or stressed. This software can observe people for suspicious behavior by recording their current emotional state, gender, age and identity. The firm could utilize this to proactively stop possible terrorists and criminals.

A Whole New Level of Security

NTechLab chief executive Alexander Kabakov says that the recognition provides a whole new standard of security in the streets. It can easily recognize killers, criminals or terrorists in just a matter of seconds.

This new technology is a part of the firm’s facial recognition software that made headlines a year before when they used it with FindFace app. It was able to trace people on the Russian social network VKontakte with just a photo. In fact, the identification app brags that it had reconnected missing family members and friends. It even claims to have helped the authorities find criminals and solve a couple of cold cases.

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The firm explains that the emotional element has an accuracy rate of over 94 percent, which means the software has the capacity to determine possible crimes real-time.

The Potential Application

At the moment, the firm is being secretive around retail businesses, security firms and its other clients. They refused to mention where they plan to apply the technology exactly. However, sources reveal that they are operating with the Moscow City Government to integrate the software to the 150,000 CCTV cameras of the capital. They did comment that the use case is largely for CCTV cameras. Though, they haven’t confirmed anything with Moscow, yet.

NTechLab is based in Moscow, but it has over 2,000 clients in countries, including India, China, Australia, UK and US. It isn’t the only firm who has come up with the said technology. Nevertheless, it has won a couple of university awards for accurate emotion and face recognition that it even beat its competitors Google and Facebook.

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