According to Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, the age of automation will still lead to more jobs for humans because AI cannot fulfill every job requirement. He begs to disagree with the belief of the many that AI replacement of human jobs will eventually lead to mass unemployment.

Schmidt claimed that human workers will have to work side-by-side with these robots to be more productive. He mentioned a research by McKinsey that was disclosed at the Viva Tech conference held in Paris. It hinted that 90 percent of professions will still not be completely automated, even in the future.

The Alphabet chairman explained to the audience that their future is to work with AI, not to be replaced by AI. He believes that the secret to productivity happens when humans work together with computers.

Agreeing that computers might replace routine jobs and lead to a job shortage, he assures the audience that these cannot fully take the place of a human. There will still be unfulfilled jobs in the future, which is why they need to take humans and computers together as this is the best way to resolve the issue. Besides, he asserts that AI will make humans smarter – and with smarter humans come higher salaries.

The outgoing chief executive of General Electric named Jeff Immelt even supported Schmidt’s claim stating that computers are there to make an existing workforce productive, not take human’s place. Eventually, time itself will determine whose right or wrong with their assertions.

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